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Stone Comb


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These combs are my owned designed version of a Bian Stone Comb. This comb is a wonderful natural tool that is great for scalp massage, and the smooth edges can also be used as a Gua Sha tool.

Historically, a Bian Stone comb was a well known tool for use in healing of the body through the virtue of the electro-magnetic fields naturally present within the stone and the stimulation of the scalp with the daily combing activity. Combing your head with such a comb is a classic scalp massage, hair care and healing activity. Proper use of the combing provides many healing effects, relieving tension, and improving blood flow. Some claimed that the use of Bian Stone combs helped to relieve headaches, enhance hair growth, and reduce hair graying.

These speciality combs are hand carved by myself from African Wonderstone (Pyrophyllite), and provide tremendous natural and metaphysical properties, quite comparable to Bian Stone (see About the Stone). This Stone comb comes with a suede corded wrist strap and black velvet storage bag. Size approximately 4.75 inches length x 2.5 inch width x .25 inch thick (121 mm x 64 mm x 7 mm).

These are hand carved by myself in my studio in Canada and finished naturally. Each piece is sanded to a high smoothness, and finished with a natural 100% bee wax as a final polish. Once you try this you will love it.

Artisan certificate of authenticity included.

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