Welcome to Rune Stoneworks. Looking for a custom creation made from stone? Just contact us, as we love to make custom items for those special requirements.

Welcome To Rune Stoneworks

Exclusive artist designed and hand carved stone creations – Made with Pride and Passion

Simple, Pure, Artistic and Definitely Unique

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Shop my available creations below for some of the most unique stone carving creations and one of a kind items.  Whether a home décor item, fashion piece or custom art sculpture, you will see some “one of a kind” stone art items, each with an inspired design that was created and hand carved by myself.  Although these art pieces may be made from a common stone type, each has unique and individual aspects due to color, various tints or mineral inclusions and other aspects within the hand carving process itself.  The items you will see in my store are not mass produced in a factory.  I have designed, shaped, carved and finished each piece individually.  My drive is to provide individually crafted artistic pieces, designed and created by hand, with the hope that my passion of creation gets passed on to the eventual owner through their own pride of that ownership.

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