Welcome to Rune Stoneworks. Looking for a custom creation made from stone? Just contact us, as we love to make custom items for those special requirements.

Home decor

One of the key aspects of my modern art creations is the drive to bring “one of a kind” artisan created items into the home where it can serve a beautiful and useful purpose. These are not massed produced items, but rather each contemporary art piece is created individually by myself in my studio by hand. In addition to the unique and natural carving process, the various colors, tints and inclusions in the stone also bring a unique and beautiful perspective truly making these “one of a kind” pieces. Items are wet sanded to a fine smoothness and then completed by finishing with a natural polish application of melted bee wax. This ensures an end to end natural process and creation. Click on the categories below to see my gallery of creations available for purchase.

If you are looking for a complete matching home décor set, or a combination set made up of special pieces, just send me a request. Complete home décor sets for that special formal presentation or decorative display are my specialty.
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