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Fossil Series Stone Putter


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These have to be the most unique “one of a kind” golf putters ever.  The head is carved from African Wonderstone (basically compressed volcanic ash) and has a 100 million year old cretaceous fossil inset.  Simply stunning.

The head size is approximately 4 inches wide with a front to back depth of 2.75 inches.  The striking face is a full 4 inch width by 1.125 inch height.

The club shaft is a double bend steel shaft.  Shaft length is customized to your requirement (31″ to 36″ length), along with right or left handed club, and various custom Winn grips.  Once your order is received, we will contact you via email to confirm these optional customization requirements.

With this beauty, your not sure if you want to use it or put it in an art gallery.  Definitely a conversation piece on the golf course.  To find out more about what makes these putters the best, you can read more information under the header submenu: Products/Stone Putters.


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Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 104 × 14 × 14 cm


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