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Massage Stone – Colored Version


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This could be one of the best self care massage products ever!  Massage stone is a very unique item made from natural stone, designed and crafted individually by myself by hand and finished with a natural bee wax polish providing a stunning piece that serves a useful and wondrous purpose.  Differing from the traditional Gua Sha stone scraper, the Massage Stone is a thicker stone which provides a gentle massage on those aching areas of your body, by rubbing over those sore muscles.  Small enough to carry and use yourself, yet large enough to work wonders on those sore muscles or knots.  You will be amazed at its ease of use and effectiveness.  Not only does this Massage Stone serve a useful purpose, it presents a beautiful visual appearance with metaphysical properties.  A hand crafted, one of a kind artisan piece providing beauty and purpose in our home and our lives.

I personally designed the Massage Stone with various profiles in its shape to effectively work on the many contours of the body.  The Massage Stone can be used for those sore back muscles, neck, shoulders, arms, legs, hips, etc.  It also works amazing as a gentle rub on those aching feet, muscle tendons and arches in treatment of plantar fasciitis. The Massage Stone can be used by rubbing over your muscles through your clothes, or alternatively to rub directly on your skin using a small amount of oil or lotion.  If you would like that warm spa massage feeling, you can heat the stone by immersing it in hot tap water for 10 minutes.  If you want a cold stone, especially beneficial for addressing a migraine headache or sinus pressure, you can cool the stone in the refrigerator.  Just holding a cool stone to your sinus area or temples feels amazing.  The Massage Stone comes in a black velvet storage bag, and is small enough to take with you travelling.  Size is approximately 5 inch length x 3 inch width x 5/8 inch thick (127 mm x 76 mm x 16 mm).

This version of the Massage Stone is hand carved from Brazilian Soapstone (colored version).  Brazilian Soapstone offers a wide array of unique colors, and is naturally resistant to staining .  This stone loves being handled and using with oil will just aid in its shine.  Alternatively in our black version, the stone is made from African Wonderstone (Pyrophyllite).  Both stone types have various metaphysical properties, which you can read more about on my website (see about the stone).

This is an amazing product which is 100% designed and crafted in my own artisan studio in Canada and is NOT imported.  Once you try it you will agree that it is the best massage tool you have ever used. Artisan certificate of authenticity is included.

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