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Mayan Scorpion Stone Sculpture


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Hand carved Scorpion Sculpture, made from Brazilian Soapstone.  Brown color with light variations of beige and green.  Approx. Size: 15 cm height x 13 cm width x 21 cm length (6 in height x 5.2 in width x 8.25 in length). Considerable detail carved into this Soapstone Sculpture.  Would make a wonderful stone art piece for any art collection.  Entire carving was done with basic hand tools.  Not a single electric or air tool touched this sculpture.  You don’t find this level of fine detailed carving in most soapstone sculptures.  Each individual leg, and vine in front of eye, truly amazing.  Detailed scorpion standing in front of skull, with vines covering the front.  Artist designed to represent protection and repression of ancient cultures and history, from today’s society.  Representation: Scorpion standing guard on old ancient temple stone block, and rose thorns covering ancient skull carving.  A covering (thorns) from society in general, and repression (state/church as the Scorpion) of allowing access to ancient historical artefacts and history.  Mayan theme.  High polish and finished naturally with olive oil to give a beautiful appearance and shine.  This should be in any high profile art collection.  Great potential investment of upcoming artist, comes complete with Certificate of Authenticity and specially packed for secure shipment in.  Shipping charge includes packaging in special crating.

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Dimensions 26 × 26 × 27 cm


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