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Spa Stones (colored version) – Combination Set


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Spa Stones are designed and created by myself, which include a unique variation to the traditional hot spa stone. These Spa Stones are sold in a set of six (6) stones.  The stones are hand carved by myself in my studio in Canada, from either Brazilian Soapstone (colored version) or African Wonderstone (black version). Each stone is carved into a kidney shape, inclusive of a flatter but slightly concave profile, thus providing a better placement and larger actual coverage area on those sore muscles.  Other traditional spa stones are round which are not really that appropriate for maximum skin placement contact.

Each set includes:

  • Two (2) large Spa Stones (approximate size each: 5 inch length x 2.5 inch width x .75 inch thick. (127 mm x 64 mm x 20 mm)
  • Two (2) medium Spa Stones (approximate size each: 4 inch length x 2 inch width x .75 inch thick. (102 mm x 50 mm x 20 mm)
  • Two (2) small Spa Stones (approximate size each: 3 inch length x 1.5 inch width x .75 inch thick. (76 mm x 38 mm x 20 mm)
  • Three (3) black velvet storage bags (One for each pair of stones)

Each stone is individually hand carved by myself, sanded to a high level of smoothness, and then finished with a natural melted bee wax as a polish. These stones are ideal for either a warm (heated) stone application, or a cold stone application. To warm the stone, it is recommended to place them in hot tap water (within a bowl or sink) for ten minutes.  When stones are warm to the touch they are ready for use. For a cool requirement, it is recommend to place the stones in the refrigerator.  Cool stones are great for treatment of headaches or sinus issues.  Large/medium stones are great for placement on larger muscles/areas such as the back, shoulders, legs.  Small stones are great for placement between toes, fingers, on temples, sinus area, etc.

Soapstone is ideal for this use, as it is one of the best stones for holding temperature.  It is ideal for skin contact (talc), and good with oil use as well.  Oh, and the colors give them an amazing appearance.

Artisan certificate of authenticity is included with each set.

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