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Stone Tangram Puzzle


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This could be the most unique gift that you give or get.  One of a kind hand carved soapstone Tangram puzzle set, overall size is 8 inch x 8 inch.  Each stone piece is individually cut, carved, sanded and polished by hand, making it a very unique and one of a kind creation.  Puzzle pieces come in a hand crafted box, along with 12 initial pages of puzzles (introductory, basic, intermediate and advanced) to get you started.  This puzzle is great for all ages, from children to adults/seniors.  Great for learning, creative problem solving and memory.  Everyone will definitely enjoy this puzzle.

According to Chinese literature, the Tangram was invented during the reign of Chia-ch’ing (1796-1820).  It became a puzzle craze in the early 1800’s in Europe, and was highly desirable as some puzzle sets were made of ivory or exotic woods.  The Tangram is a two dimensional puzzle made of seven pieces called Tans.  These pieces are re-arranged to form thousands of different figures including people, animals, objects and other shapes.  The puzzle was a favorite of royalty, authors, and emperors.

This set is typically larger than most, as I wanted to ensure that the individual pieces were easy to handle.  All pieces are made from various Brazilian Soapstone, kept natural and finished with a melted bee wax.  This is not a massed produced set, each piece is made and fashioned by hand with simple hand tools.  Color of stone may vary from pictures shown.  Comes in a hand made painted box, nice enough for a formal display.  I have also included my own multi-player game rules, which is great fun for all ages to play together.  Hand made artisan item, all natural.

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