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Stones for Learning


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Stones for Learning is a very unique item that I created as an educational tool for parents to use with their children in the early stages of learning.  In addition, it brings art into the home demonstrating that hand created artisan items can serve a useful purpose within our lives.  Not only do these hand crafted stones bring a beautiful visual appearance, they can serve as a natural education tool in many ways.

This set includes three different shapes (circle, square and triangle) with (5) five stones each.  These stones can provide education concepts such as learning patterns, shapes, colors, sequencing, counting and basic math.  Stones can be strung together on a string to assist with dexterity.  These stone sets are handmade using hand tools and are completely natural.  Stones are wet polished by hand and finished with melted bee wax.  Stones are approximately 5 cm width x 1 cm thick.  The stone set comes in a handmade unpainted wooden box, which you can also use as an art project with your child to paint or color as you wish.

This is a very unique “one of a kind” item and a great natural teaching tool for early child education.

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