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Stone Ice Cubes – Green Color Tone


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Artisan created stone ice cubes (set of four).  Hand carved from Brazilian Soapstone (Color). These are considerably different than other drink stones available on the market.  These stones are a full one inch (25 mm) cube size, all cubes are wet sanded to a 1500 grit for exceptional smoothness, and finished naturally with a melted bee wax polish to present a beautiful stone color and appearance.  These are actually a beautiful accent for that special drink enjoyment.  Stones are cooled by placing in fridge freezer prior to use in your drink.  These won’t dilute your drink like regular ice does, and they just look so much better.  Stones hold temperature well due to their size and natural characteristics.  Each set includes four (4) Stones in a black velvet storage bag.  How cool is it to offer someone some “black ice” for that amber colored drink, or some colored ice for cooling off that white wine or chardonnay.  Green looks amazing in a light colored drink such as white wine. This is what an artist rendition of an ice cube looks like!  Also acts as a wonderful conversation piece while you are enjoying that special drink with a friend.

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Dimensions 17 × 11 × 6 cm


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